Slippery road training

The rally drivers will teach you how to drive in slippery conditions. The training includes both theory and practise at Josemorak’s training track.

We aim at introducing e.g. the safety technology in new cars. Mere letter combinations will not save you if you cannot utilize them. We will get to know the different letter combinations of road safety and how they affect in extreme situations. We will also learn how to handle the car. We will talk for example what to do when you meet an elk on the road. The training takes place at Josemora’s driving centre track. We also arrange events for private groups, e.g. families, relatives, friends etc. We can also book the whole track for your use.

Practical exercises

  • Friction circle
  • Figure of eight
  • Evasive swerve test
  • Bowling trac

Slippery road training package

Duration of the event approx. 3 hours.
– Theory part approx. half an hour
– Practical training in different situations
– The driving takes place in the customers’ own cars


– Drive training day, min. 5 persons
– Price 79€/ person + VAT

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